About the MOQ

Our company don’t limit the MOQ of the aluminum profiles you would like to place the order, just according to the customer’s request to make it actually. 

Mostly, the MOQ of the aluminium profiles for the customer’s order is for reference as follows:

1.Aluminum Profiles

  All the aluminum profiles include the aluminum products, heat sink, LED tube bracket profiles, stamping parts, aluminum screw etc, that their MOQ is one ton at least. 

2Small Aluminum Profiles

   Small aluminum profiles mean the small aluminum parts or small material. The MOQ for the type is 300kg at least.  

The quotation is based on the MOQ you ask to produce. Actually the MOQ is bigger, the unit quotation/price is much lower then the MOQ is smaller. We will consider many factors for your products and give the best price for our customers, such as our technology, the MOQ you request, material type you would like to choose, package, shipping etc.