CNC Machining

The Type of CNC Machining Process

1. numerical control turning

Generally speaking, CNC Turning Machining for mold manufacturing shaft standards, such as all kinds of rod parts, including top, guide column, and so on, but also can be used for the rotary mold manufacturing and processing, such as injection mold of bottle body, dishware, shaft, disk type parts of forging die, stamping die punch. CNC lathe due to the limitation of the machining plane, often only can be used for parts of the mold processing.

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2 numerical control milling

Because the external structure of the mold is more planar structure, and more concave convex surface and curved surface, so the application of CNC milling machine, CNC milling machine tool can be used to form a more complex or curved surface of the mold. Such as EDM electrode, injection mold, die casting mold, can also be used in NC milling. With the development of numerical control machining technology, the large number milling machining center is commonly used in mould manufacturing.